Glucertain Safety Lancets – 26 ga – Box of 100


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The Glucertaintm Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the state-of-the-art for monitoring insulin therapy for diabetic patients in the Long-Term Care setting.

  • No Code…you don’t have to enter a code into the meter to utilize Glucertain Test Strips. All Glucertain Strips are calibrated to the Glucertain Meters.
  • GDH Technology…a unique Glucose Dehydrogenase chemistry system eliminates inaccurate readings because of interference from patient oxygen therapy.
  • 5 Second Result…the meter counts down for 5 seconds and displays the reading. Quick and accurate.
  • Mini Sample…only 0.6 microliters required to obtain a reading. That’s a very small droplet of fingertip blood.

Glucertain Blood Glucose Strips, though they incorporate state-of-the-art technology, are available at economical pricing. So you get low price & the latest technology.

Glucertain Clinical Safety Lancets are the perfect choice for glucosefinger-sticks when safety, comfort & cost are the criteria. Available in 2 sizes: 28 gauge (standard) and 26 gauge for fingertips with thicker skin.

  • Safety: Self-actuated, automatically retractable, use once & dispose safely.
  • Comfort: The small size (28 gauge is standard) means the ultimate in comfort for patients.
  • Cost: Glucertain contracts (on Lancets & Blood Glucose Testing Meters & Strips) are available to extend the lowest cost to facilities.

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